A Quilters Craft Coach for business minded makers?

A Quilters Craft Coach for business minded makers?

Craft Coach

Did you know I'm a Coach?

When I was leaving my career in Hair, I was driven to become a professional coach. I first studied at a school here in Toronto called the Adler School of Professional Coaching. I loved that program but I simply could not afford it and it didn't offer any virtual solutions.

So I hunted all over and found the International Coaching Academy who's primary focus was virtual education. I got in early and before they were allowed into China (where they exploded) an Australian company, that taught me everything I needed to know about helping people achieve their goals, online. 

I started this journey because I became a Life Skills Coach different than a Life Coach, they teach problem solving behaviours. I love that course also.

Since quilting I have done very well but all along, I wished there was some help navigating this big huge quilting community that is a $36 billion dollar industry by the way. My gramma supported her family doing crafts and so can I.

I often though along the way wouldn't it be great to have a group that holds me accountable to do the things I said I will do while helping me define those goals and celebrates with me when I gain wins.

So I had to create it.

It's just being set up. I will invite specific friends to participate over the summer and it will launch in the fall. If you sign up you will have 2 month of free preview and then you will be charged 20$ a month for access to each meeting held on the third Wednesday of every month at 1 PM Eastern time. 

You can preorder that here order now, and have access in early October.

To better support The Carfting and Quilting community I also am busy creating supporting programs such as:

Click here to preorder

What are some of you crafty / Quilty business goals that you would like to have help with?

Craft Coach
Brandon Wulff

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