This quilt is too big for Facebook so I put it on my blog

This quilt is too big for Facebook so I put it on my blog

What an honour to make this quilt.

I was recently commissioned to make this too runner. I was really honoured to create for the “cottage space” this was to go into. I love my clients and when I saw this "cottage space" I almost cried that I was asked to create something for it. It's so big  too big it was very hard to photograph. At 120 inches by 18 inches this runner is for a table that seats 14.

This runner has 50 fabrics, the batting is insul-fleece and Aurifil beige threads. 

the quilt top process that is too big, I use is the biscotti process. To learn more about this process visit here!

Happy Birthday to you know who you are!

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    That is something looks wonderful!

    Joseph Van Zandt

    Your work is so incredible! You’re a true artist.


    Brandon your talent in this medium astounds me.You are gifted and talented.Another stunning piece.

    Daniel Wreaks

    Nice work!

    Nina Tatlock

    I’m not surprised at all you came up with something so stunning!


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