I would love to make Another Chair. what do you think?

I would love to make Another Chair. what do you think?

I really want to make another chair (see the first one here) and we have this old chair in our living room. It’s grey with a simple arm. It’s stylish and it has cat, specifically my toonies, scratches on the back. 

after getting my q16 Bernina with the perfect stitches. I thought I’d try stitching with a stitch regulator and Aurifils 12 wt thread. Ideally I’d like to recover the chair in a dark grey. We thought about either tone on tone or perhaps an accent colour on a linen. 

So I decided to do some samples. First what I have known the polished cotton from the last chair and I happens to have some scrap. 

I love this look it’s like stitched leather and the colour thread looks great on it it would look great on Another Chair.

Next I tried a scrap of black upholstery linen with lots of texture. At first I did not like the tone on tone it looses it’s definition but it has grown in me. I do love the look of a colour on the linen. 

hopefully I can find a fabric with a little shine, a little texture and looks great with both tone on tone and coloured stitching. 

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