Aurifil December 2022

Aurifil December 2022

When I first started my fish project, I really wanted to quilt it using just a running stitch to depict the fluidity of water surrounding each of my fish. I wanted really big chunky stitches and I was hoping that I could use for aurifill floss.



So I asked aurifil if I could do this project which is quite large it’s 60 x 80“ in floss, they recommend it that I try a double strand of the 12 weight folded over so the equivalent of four strands of 12 wt thread.


I did a sample with some floss and some 12 weight and believe it or not I actually really liked the 12 weight’s shine better than the floss. 12 wt shifts colour as I walked past it, my running stitch, which was a unique feature the floss didn’t seem to have.


Over all I’m thrilled with the texture and colour story this.



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