Business minded makers.

Business minded makers.

It’s no secret I’m a business minded quilter / maker.  I love my business and it amazes me that I keep coming up with unique and creative solutions to my business challenges.


It’s lonely work sometime, especially since I’m a sole-proprietor meaning I work for myself and I have no employees.


I’m keenly aware that I am not alone in my desire to find others who are trying to run a making business in such challenging times. Although I have had great success I’d like to share that success with others and maybe inspire them to try a path that worked well for me.


I would also love hearing about what works for others and celebrate their wins with them.


I truly believe as a certified coach, that working together to support our business goals actually can help accelerate and even expand what possible in your business.


I recently started a group called the Crafters and Quilters Mastermind for Business Minded Makers, where we do just that, support in a confidential setting, each others goals.


We acknowledge each others great work. Celebrate our wins and challenge each others assumptions that may be holding us back from going after what we want.


This process works best if, it’s a diverse group of people with lots of experiences and different mediums and business types.  This group is perfect for local store owners or online stores and for specific services like long arm quilting and yes those who just want to sell quilts and the things they make.


You don’t even have to be an active participant to get benefit from this group. Just listening to others will inspire you to want to grow. Although you do get maximum benefit if you are an active participant.  Also if you miss a session we record sessions and keep them on file for future reference.


Perhaps you are more of a written leaner? This group utilizes a privet social media group where you can access business support at your own pace.


I offer you two free months to give it a try. After that you will be billed $20 a month to access the monthly call, the social networking group and past calls. This will automatically be billed to you each month and you are free to cancel at any time.


We meet for two hours the Third Monday of each month at 5 PM Eastern Time. L


If this sounds like you please consider joining here. If it sounds like someone who you know please share this post.

Thank you  

Brandon Wulff (CPC)


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