Can you quilt a chair? I just had to try.

Can you quilt a chair? I just had to try.

My friend Tommy asked me one day can you quilt a chair

can you do your ruler work quilting but for upholstery for a chair? 

I couldn't stop thinking about it so I set out to do some tests. 

I asked Tommy if he had a chair that would be suitable for me to quilt a chair and since his partner is vegan this leather Louie XV chair would be a good place to start.

I got black batting from Hobbs and I ordered Black grunge from my sisters store and got started with a sample.

To be honesty it was ok. I wanted something special and I was worried about longterm wear and tare of the quilting fabric so Tommy suggested a glazed linen. So I went to The fashion district to Kings Tetiles and they only had a silver glazed black linen and I hated it. But the has a polished cotton that was quite heavy.

So I did a sample in this luxurious fabric that really looks like leather. 

This was exactly what I was looking for. So I started the seat panel.

I really don't know what to expect form the upholstery process so I wanted to give lots extra for them to play with. I was concerned about them cutting the quilting and not overstitching it to lock it in but I am assured that the tacks will hold it in place. I'm still nervous about this. Wish me luck! Off to the upholsterer it goes I’ll keep you posted.

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    Ask the upholsterers to “stay stitch” the edges of each -icee after they cut it out. It’s an extra step, but it’s often done with tapestry fabrics, as well to keep them from raveling. If done with a fine stitch, this should hold your quilting threads securely in place.

    Anne Reinhart

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