My favourite quilters. Peter Byrne quilt con 2020 winner

My favourite quilters. Peter Byrne quilt con 2020 winner

Every once in a while I want to bring you some of my favourite quilters. People I'm currently obsessing over or are influencing my work.

This time I want to talk about someone I consider my Mentor Peter Byrne Peter makes the most wonderful quilts using a new technique called Hoover quilting.

Hover-quilting is a new form of raw edge appliqué, absent of fusible web. This innovative technique produces not only a beautiful controlled frayed edge, but also creates the illusion of your appliqué to hover above the quilt top.

Peter offers Zoom classes on this technique that you can learn about here.

Peter is the nicest person and loves to teach so take the time and visit his profile here.

or view more of his work here.

Below are a few of his more recent works.

Let me know what you think about My favourite quilter Peter byrne's  work in the comments below.

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    Hey There Brandon, I just came across your post on Facebook about Peter Byrne. I just realized I hadn’t ‘put two and two together’ and connected you with Peter . . . until just now. My current quilt that I’m just about to start (along with a quilt/lapse production) is based on Hover Quilting. Inspired solely by the two of you! I’m really looking forward to this (while I put “Into the Woods” away for the winter.)

    Todd DuBay

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