One of My Favourite Quilters. Bill Stearman

One of My Favourite Quilters. Bill Stearman

One of the first people I found when I started my quilting Instagram journey was Bill. A super kind soul and he makes some wonderful and impactful quilts.

I totally want to snuggle up in this quilt the frayed edges just give it the most homey and comfortable feeling.

Bill like to make statement quilts that I really appreciate.

As a gay person this quilt warms me. its the words our priminister said in an apology to LGBT+ people in Canada

 Something I was told many times in my life. it ws annoying then and it's annoying to read now.

Bill explores feelings of loneliness both as a marginalised person who is ADHD and LGBT. 

I hope you take the time to follow Bill and enjoy his wonderful quilts. 

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    Bill is such a talented and free-minded quilter. And a good friend besides.


    Thanks for sharing this! Those are awesome quilts! Bill is very talented! I have been inspired for future quilts.

    Kim Beckner

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