My First Quilt Retreat. it was so much fun

My First Quilt Retreat. it was so much fun

My First Retreat

So I did my first quilt retreat. It was hosted by my Sister Michaelanne Hathaway at Stache Fabric and Notions and by Tracy Wilson at Crafty Gal Retreats at the Oakwood Resort in Grand Bend Ontario.

The resort was gorgeous hugging the shore of Lake Huron, this beautiful property has a spa that next year I’ll be sure to try out. Several women attended and enjoyed the service. 

The property was simply gorgeous and several people saw fox. Lots of geese and I’m sure deer and other fun critters could be found in the woods lining the property. 

We spent three days. Long days 15 hours a day sewing. I did a demo. My rulers came out. unfortunately I forgot the bed to my big buddy. (Machine). 

I got a lot of work done. I even did a blue biscotti just to see what it would look like. 


I’m excited to get home and see my family but I had a great time and learned a lot  I’ll define come next year. 

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    Brandon – congrats. If Ontario was closer I’d attend in a heartbeat. Maybe next year, I can visit your beautiful part of the world and take in one of your classes. LOVE the quilt you showed as well. Always a pleasure seeing your work – so thoughtful.

    Fred Quigley

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