My top 10 Favourite Quilting tools that everyone should have.

My top 10 Favourite Quilting tools that everyone should have.

I get asked all the time what my favourite tools are so I thought it would be fun to share them in a post. 

All time favourite marking tool is simply Tailors chalk. it comes in a few colours and for me it just washes off when I want it removed.

I have trigger fingers. I got it from cutting too much fabric and cutting hair for so many years. I switched to the 18 mm Rotary cutter and I have never had a problem since a great alternatin quilting tool to consider.

Hello, I'm an Aurifil Artisan.I simply love this Egyptian cotton thread from the mako region it has the lease amount go fluff in my machine and it comes in so many colours and thread weights.

I was given this magnet for Christmas and it been trusted friend sitting on my table ready and wait in with a pin in the right direction reads for me to grab and pin. no having to turn pins around. ready and waiting.

Snag magic is simply a quilters best friend especially if you have a snag or a thread end that needs to be deeply buried. These are the most amazing quilting tool.

I like to keep my machine clean and I do use a paintbrush but I also use these dollar store finds to get into the hardest to reach spaces.

Everywhere I go these are near by. They are a constant companion simply the best snips I have ever had.

I love Quilters Select rulers. they have a non slip coating on the back side and they do not slip. Simply amazing rulers.

Of course I use Sillymoon Quilting Co rulers for my quilting but I think everyone knows that.

Instagram is my favourite tool it's my feedback and my encouragement my market research and my fans I use it as a design tool which is why I post so often.

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