Road Trip to gorgeous monofilament! stunning

Road Trip to gorgeous monofilament! stunning

I was asked to fix this chair. This was the only photo I had been given. I was informed the chair was in Muskoka about a three hour drive from Toronto.
I said sure but I was totally in for a surprise. I was picked up early and we drove the three hours. I was prepared by the designer as we approached the cottage to take it all in. 
We parked and headed to a building called the pavilion (the sports pavilion) as we walked past a basketball court and then a tennis court. Nested between was a gorgeous building I would easily live in myself the called the pavilion where the kids hung out. 
In the building was four green chairs one with a hole in the netting. 

The hole had grown. So I got to work. I brought a variety of threads in matching colours in a variety of weights but I felt the monofilament from Aurifil was going to work best. 

I knew before we left I wasn’t going to do an invisible mend. Due to the netting being made out of a nylon knit cord that was cut on the diagonal and I suspect with a serrated edge.  The tips of the two ends were frayed and so joining them I had to overlap and stitch. 

I’m grateful to have had Monofilament from Aurifil on my welcome pack it saved the day.  Now about the rest of that “cottage” I feel blessed and so very lucky to be able to practise my craft in such a lovely environment. This place is exactly where I envision my work hanging. Have a look here. Let me know what you think of this cottage in the comments below. Also have you tried monofiliment?
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    Hello, what an amazing place…. And yes, you could rock an art piece for many of those walls!
    Also, great work on a challenging repair!

    Alison Sapara

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