The Business of Quilting - not talked about often

The Business of Quilting - not talked about often

I’m a new quilty entrepreneur. I make and sell quilts. I’m fairly satisfied with my success but it hasn’t been easy as the business of quilting isn’t  talked about much in quilting. It’s almost like it’s a taboo. Being Autistic I don’t get the Nuance of taboos and so I’m often left out. 

In many ways, the business of quilting is taboo. I get that their is a long tradition of making quilts to provide for family and I understand that this has been traditionally “Women’s work” but the business of quilting is fair game. It’s new and I think quilters can make quilts and make a decent living  

Many Quilters believe that quilts have no value and can’t be sold.  They see quilts they spent hours working on just folded up and put in the cupboards. I work hard to assure my quilts are appreciated. I don’t just give quilts away I make them for sale simply because someone who pays the true value of a quilt will appreciate it more.  I also find they don’t end up in cupboard and are displayed on beds or sofas or walls. 

For me I was taught in school (I went to art school and studied 3D design and textiles.) I was taught textiles is the art of kings and queens. Here is and interesting article on that. 

The business of quilting looks different. When I ask how do I make money in the quilting community and it’s usually comes down to these tasks.


Fabric designing 

Pattern design 

I know that in any business, creators have to be flexible and collaborative to have works that are truly appreciated  so I started working with designers making collaborative pieces that actually have led me to some interesting innovations. 

I’d love to meet with other quilters who are like minded and are more interested in building business. Guilds were ok but I really want to hear more about business building a place where it’s freely discussed and ideas and shared. 

If you are that kind of folk let me know.  

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