The Joy of Visible Mending with Aurifil's 12-Weight Thread: My Artisan Monthly Challenge Entry

The Joy of Visible Mending with Aurifil's 12-Weight Thread: My Artisan Monthly Challenge Entry

The Aurifil Artisan Monthly Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for quilters, sewists, and fiber artists of all levels to showcase their skills, creativity, and love for thread. For the month of February, the challenge was to use our favorite Aurifil thread, and I took this opportunity to feature one of my absolute favorites - the 12-weight thread.

The 12-weight Aurifil thread is a thick, heavy-duty thread that is perfect for creating bold and eye-catching stitches. It is ideal for visible mending, embroidery, and adding texture and dimension to fabric. So, for this challenge, I decided to use the 12-weight thread to create a sample for my Visibly Mended On Demand course.

Visibly Mended On Demand is a course that teaches you how to make a quilt using visible stitching. It is a sustainable and eco-friendly way of extending the life of your quilts and creating unique, personalized pieces. In this course, I show you how to use visible stitching to transform your clothes, giving them new life and character.

Using the 12-weight thread was an absolute joy. It was easy to work with and provided excellent coverage, which meant that my stitches were highly visible and added texture and interest to the patch. The thickness of the thread also gave the stitching a bold and rustic feel, which I loved.

Overall, I am thrilled with the results of this challenge. The Aurifil 12-weight thread is an excellent choice for visible mending, and it really helped to elevate the look of my sample. I highly recommend giving this thread a try if you haven't already. It's perfect for adding texture and dimension to your projects, and it comes in a wide range of beautiful colors.

In conclusion, the Aurifil Artisan Monthly Challenge is a great way to push your creativity, learn new techniques, and showcase your love for thread. Using my favorite thread, the 12-weight Aurifil thread, for my sample was a wonderful experience that has inspired me to continue to experiment with different types of threads and fibers. I can't wait to see what the next challenge will be!

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    I love this piece, and I especially like the square linked chain stitch at the bottom.


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