Top 10 tips for slow stitching quilts. I find it relaxing.

Top 10 tips for slow stitching quilts. I find it relaxing.

Top 10 tips for slow stitching quilts.

Yesterday, I posted that slow stitching was in and I was asked if I had any tips for those who are just beginning.

My top 10 tips for Slow stitching are: 

1: Learn to bury your knots

This is a basic of slow stitching it's the place everyone has to start when learning to slow stitch. so I'll make it easy for you. Are is an excellent video.

2: Don’t try to be perfect right away. 

I was not perfect when I did my first quilt but by the time I got to the end I managed to become good. If you are concerned about building muscle memory I recommend Tiger tape. A tape that has 1/4 inch markings to help you learn to stitch an even stitch. Although I truly believe that after one quilt you will pick that up.

3: Find a good thimble or don't 

I did Hair for many years and never used gloves. before that I worked in a kitchen and my hands are very tough. Having larger hands, its hard for me to find a good thimble. I have adapted I have a small callous just on the tip of my middle finger and I keep my nails list a hair longer than normal and only if I quilt all day do my fingers hurt.

I have tried thimbles like gloves I found they just got in the way. However if I do use one and when I'm super sore I found the Leather ones work the best.

4: Know your batting

Wool, Cotton, 80/20 or bamboo? What batting? I have to say if it's your first quilt I would splurge and spend the money on wool. It's the easiest to hand quilt once you build up your skill then try cotton or 80/20. 


5: Experiment with thread weights

Thread comes in meany sizes Aurifil carries 80wt, 40wt, 50wt, 28wt, and 12wt and if you switch to pearl cotton as I often do you can get 5wt.

Interesting fact about thread wt 40wt actually means that 40 KM of this tread weighs 1 Kilo. 12wt means 12 KM of this thread weighs 1 kilo.

Try them all they all add texture in their own way experiment.

6: Know your fabrics

Not all fabrics are equal. Use good quality quilting fabrics. from a quilt store. knowing your fabrics can help prevent bleeding or quick we are and tare of the final product. also knowing your fabric can make the quilting easier like batiks and some silk are very tough to sew.

7 Experiment with slow and machine quilting mixed together

Their are no rules that say you can't first machine quilt your quilt and then quilt switch to slow stitching. it can add beautiful dimension to your quilt.

8 Structure or your time 

I quilt for a few hours every day. I usually quilt after lunch and again after dinner. I structure my time because its the only way I can ensure that I get the work done. when slow stitching I recommend you get into a routine of quilting, it won't quilt itself and a few hours a day or even a half an hour a day can get a lot done.

9 Focus on completing only the section you are completing right now  

Stay in the now. Only worry about the bit you have right if front of you I suggest you break the quilt down into sections and work towards smaller goals or it can be overwhelming. Hand quilting takes the time it takes so don't become overwhelmed before you even start.

10 Enjoy the process

You are make this by hand to enjoy the process so enjoy the process. 


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