What is Contemporary Quilting? Is it new?

What is Contemporary Quilting? Is it new?

Contemporary quilting 

I recently had a comment on a Facebook post that said: "Who said quilting and contemporary don't mix?" This got me thinking about the style of quilting I do. is it contemporary quilting?

I attended the Modern Guild for a period of time but I never really felt that my work fit within the Modern definition of quilting and I defiantly am not a traditional quilter. My work is lacking colour and Modern work had bold colours.

I tried the Art Quilt Community, for a even briefer period of time and really I didn't feel that "Art quilter" was my genera either. 

So when I read the comment about "contemporary" and "quilting" I had to look up the definition of contemporary design.

According to HGTV on their site, in an article called Contemporary Design style 101 Contemporary design I immediately identified with this style and my Biscotti quilts.

Contemporary design embraces minimalistic elements highlighting  grays, beiges and shades of white. Sleek, thoughtful, hidden details emphasize an edited aesthetic. Contemporary style offers an 'everything in its place' interior featuring designs that are high on function and simplicity and low on collections and fuss.

Chair of the ASID National Board, designer Kerrie Kelly

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