Top 8 tools needed for starting quilting.

Top 8 tools needed for starting quilting.

Are you just getting started in quilting? Here are the Top 8 tools needed for starting quilting. 


Since most fabric on the bolt is 44 inches wide folded in half. You will need a ruler that is longer than that. So a 24 x 8 inch ruler is best and most versatile. I personally love the Quilters Select Rulers as they have a slip coating on the back.  Since this is a basic quilting tool I do advise making the investment.

Cutting mat

A self healing cutting mat saves your rosters cutter blades and protects surfaces. I personally love OLAF.

Rotary cutter

A rotary curry gives clean straight accurate cuts. I personally use OLAF 18 mm. I found the larger size was causing me to hold it in a way that caused trigger finger. Purely my own fault but the smaller blade allows me to hold it properly.

Sewing machine

I started on a 100$ singer esteem. Then life presented opportunities to purchase second hand good machines. Finally I now quilt in a very expensive Bernina Q16. I was thrilled to be quilting on each machine.

Markingg tool

This is a bit of debate in the quilting community. Everyone uses something g different from chalk to pencil erasable pen and erasable markers. Reality is I personally have not found something great and if I have to mark my quilts so will use tailors chalk but this depends on the colour of the fabric.

Hand needles.

Have a variety of hand sewing needles around you never know when you will need them.


I’m an Aurifil fan. As an Artisan (‘22) I only use Aurifil  even when I don’t have too.  Aurifil is sold at local quilt shops all over the world.


Please choose reputable quilting fabric from a local quilt store. I don’t advise fabric from unknown sources. Also used clothing is good as it’s been washed and not likely to bleed. There is nothing worse then having unknown or hand dyed fabric bleed.

 good luck and I hope you found the Top 8 tools needed for starting quilting useful. 


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