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Trunk Show to Biscotti

Trunk Show to Biscotti

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Take a journey with me as I walk you through my world of quilting, from The Trunk Show to the fascinating Biscotti quilt top. In this exploration, I'll share a glimpse into my life as an artist, a person on the Autism spectrum, and a business owner in the quilt community.

Discover how my unique perspective as an Autistic individual has shaped my artistic identity and my approach to quilting. I'll also give you a peek behind the scenes of running a quilt-related business, sharing the highs and challenges I've encountered along the way.

At the heart of our journey is the captivating Biscotti quilt top. I'll guide you through the process of creating this masterpiece, shedding light on design decisions, fabric choices, and the intriguing "twice-made" method that sets Biscotti apart.

Whether you're new to quilting or a seasoned enthusiast, join me to gain insights into creativity, personal growth, and the art of crafting something truly unique. Let's explore the path from The Trunk Show to Biscotti together!

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