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Monthly Makers Mastermind

Monthly Makers Mastermind

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Meeting the third Monday of the month at 5PM ET


Level 1: Monthly Makers Mastermind Meeting


Welcome to the heart of the Makers Mastermind experience! As a Level 1 member, you gain exclusive access to our flagship event, the Monthly Makers Mastermind Meeting. This gathering is the highlight of our community, where makers from various backgrounds and expertise come together to create an electric atmosphere of collaboration and growth.


Once a month, for up to 2 hours, you'll join your fellow makers in a virtual space designed to stimulate creativity and foster meaningful connections. The Monthly Makers Mastermind Meeting serves as a hub where ideas flow freely, inspiration abounds, and knowledge is shared among passionate creators like yourself.


During these lively and engaging discussions, you'll have the opportunity to share your latest projects, no matter the stage of completion. Whether you're just starting or have been making for years, our inclusive community embraces all levels of expertise. As you present your work, you'll receive valuable feedback and constructive suggestions from fellow members who understand and appreciate the intricacies of the maker journey.

One of the unique strengths of the Monthly Makers Mastermind Meeting is the collective wisdom of the group. Our experienced moderators facilitate the sessions, ensuring that everyone has a chance to contribute and benefit from the diverse perspectives and insights offered by the community. Through active listening and thoughtful dialogue, we create an inclusive space where every voice is valued.


The Monthly Makers Mastermind Meeting is an ideal platform for seeking advice and guidance. Whether you're encountering a technical challenge, looking for fresh ideas, or simply seeking motivation, the collective brainpower of our community will be there to support you. The wealth of knowledge and experience within the group allows for innovative problem-solving and opens doors to new possibilities you may not have considered.


Additionally, these meetings are a fantastic opportunity to forge connections with like-minded individuals who share your passion for making. Building a network of supportive peers is essential for your growth as a maker, and the Monthly Makers Mastermind Meeting provides the perfect environment to establish and nurture these relationships. By engaging in meaningful conversations and celebrating each other's achievements, you'll find inspiration, motivation, and a sense of belonging within our vibrant community.


Join us in the Monthly Makers Mastermind Meeting, where ideas come to life,

collaborations are born, and creativity flourishes. Together, we'll explore new horizons, push the boundaries of our craft, and embark on an exciting journey of self-improvement and discovery. Get ready to share, learn, and be inspired as you become an integral part of our thriving maker community!

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