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Biscotti on Demand

Biscotti on Demand

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Discover the art of quilting like never before through an On-Demand class designed to empower your creative journey. Join acclaimed quilting expert, Brandon Wulff, as he unveils the secrets behind his signature Biscotti quilt top. Biscotti is renowned for its unique style and the captivating "twice-made" process that defines its essence.

Under Brandon's expert guidance, you'll unlock the mastery of this distinctive technique, transforming your quilting projects into captivating works of art. Step by step, Brandon will guide you through crafting a Biscotti quilt top, sharing indispensable insights and practical techniques. This class is tailored for both seasoned quilters and those just beginning their quilting exploration, providing a remarkable opportunity to learn from the very best and enhance your skills.

The best part? Your learning journey is at your fingertips. The class is available for replay at your convenience, allowing you to watch and learn whenever suits you best. So, seize this golden chance to glean wisdom from one of the industry's top quilters and elevate your quilting prowess to new heights. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to take your quilting skills to the next level with Brandon Wulff as your guide!

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