One of My favourite quilters.  Chawne Kimber

One of My favourite quilters. Chawne Kimber

Chawne Kimber

Earlier this week I introduced you to my friend Peter Byrne . You can read that here

 Today I want to talk about and show you the work of Chawne Kimber. A professor of mathematics and quilter. Chawne speaks loudly and oh so beautifully on the struggles of many oppressed  people with word quilts that some may find offensive. Most find her work thought provoking.  Often it’s the truth for many who experience the traumas she brings up in her quilts. 

Exquisitely pieced back drops that are colourful and labour intensive  kind of like a patiently  executed penance. 

I can’t help but think these quilts are cathartic and healing for Chawne I love this work because as an Autistic person I love an crave truth. This work is raw. 

Chawne’s site is here.

I’m a huge fan of the NSFW work found here

She can be found on Instagram here

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