April 16th Be Hive Hangout - Kellie Kaczmarek of Sillymoon Quilting Co

April 16th Be Hive Hangout - Kellie Kaczmarek of Sillymoon Quilting Co

Kellie Kaczmarek, the proud owner of Silly Moon Quilting Co and a maker of fine quilting rulers, is set to bring her expertise and passion for quilting to the Be Hive Hangout. With 5 years of experience in the industry, Kellie has become a well-respected figure and is known for her commitment to quality and unique designs. Her company, Silly Moon Quilting Co, offers quilters high-quality quilting rulers made from durable, CNC machined acrylic and featuring playful designs that add a touch of fun to the quilting process.


Kellie is also known for her active involvement in the quilting community, where she shares her knowledge and promotes the growth of the industry. She is a frequent speaker at quilting events and is an active member of several quilting organizations.


On Sunday, April 16th at 5 PM ET, Kellie and quilter Brandon Wulff will be challenging each other to a quilt off at the Be Hive Hangout. This promises to be an exciting and inspiring event for quilters, as two talented individuals come together to showcase their skills and creativity. Whether you're a seasoned quilter or just starting out, be sure to register for this event to see the amazing work of Kellie and Brandon and to learn more about the exciting world of quilting and Sillymoon Quilting Co.



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