Aurifil Artisan Brandon Wulff I'm totally shocked!

Aurifil Artisan Brandon Wulff I'm totally shocked!

Aurifil Artisan

I have a bit of a reputation in Canada at The Aurifil supplier in Calgary as the only person who orders 2625 12 wt thread by the cone. 
So my sister who supplies me with my Aurifil texted me one day and said Brandon you should fill this out and it was a link to the Aurifil Artisan program.  
So I filled it out and I forgot about it a few weeks later I got an email saying that I was accepted  into the Aurifil  Artisan program. I was super excited and I was told to keep it a secret. I don’t like secrets. 
But I kept my mouth shut and I have to say I’m super excited about working with the team this year I can’t wait to see what we create and I can’t wait to see what the partnership with Aurifil creates for us. 

I recently received a package and gosh I sure love packages. 
I opened it up and they gave me a lovely selection of threads of all weights and cone/spool sizes. I had a good laugh at the cone of 50wt 2025 I now officially have a collection. 
I also got a cone of Forty/3 bright yellow it’s a 40wt but three strand rather than 2 strand. I’m super excited to try this out on a wholecloth. 
For those who don’t know me, I work with designers and decorators to create unique pieces for some exceptional homes.  

I also teach a course on a process called Biscotti where I make a quilt top cut it up and remake it. I’m currently off until September. But sign up to my news letter and I’ll let you know when they are back. 

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Thanks for joining me.
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    It’s fun to see what everyone has received in their welcome parcels. I’m so looking forward to a fun year with you and all the participants on our Aurifil Artisan adventure.


    I love Aurifil in cones. My wife and I both quilt and we’ve switched over 100% for piecing and quilting on our mid-arm. We love Aurifil.


    Wow what a parcel! I wonder what mine will have in it? Congratulations on filling that form in 😁👍


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