Everyday Objects 2021 - don't touch and Pop art

Everyday Objects 2021 - don't touch and Pop art

I recently tested my Biscotti quilt top workshop some of the feedback was that people wanted me to talk about my other art. The everyday objects. 

For me they are a separate projects and I compartmentalize them in my mind. So I didn’t think to send include it. I see my business as having three streams. The work I do as Art. The work I do with designers. And experimental quilts or Everyday Objects. 

My Art work is very much a reflection if the hyper focus of the Autistic mind the simplicity of the design of each object but presented in a way to create a realism that is not usually found in textiles. 

Simple detailed design along with detailed quilting I’m playing with texture and light and experimenting with how far I can stretch what fabric can achieve in a pop like realism. 

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