Going to My First Retreat - I'm sew excited

Going to My First Retreat - I'm sew excited

My First Retreat

My sister who owns Stache Fabric and Notions in London Ontario holds a retreat every year this year it's cohosted by Crafty Gal retreat. I can be a Gal for the weekend. :)

I am excited about my first retreat not having to stop and cook. I am concerned as I have to bring my big buddy on there train and I have never traveled with him before. I'm excited Im doing a demo of Silly Moon Quilting co. Rulers. I'm nervous because my machine crunched and I worry my timing is off. But I love the thought off a weekend that goes smoothly and my buddy works perfectly.

I will mis my husband he will starve Im sure but I get to see my sister. I'll take pics and let you know how it goes. 

I'm not taking much I really want to finish the chair and that means a lot of burying threads this weekend and I have a few quilts that need to be faced so I can get them on the website.

Traffic has been amazing since instagram allows links in stories so I hope you will share you experiences of retreats? Leave a comment below.

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