Is a mastermind right for you? I clarify what a mastermind is.

Is a mastermind right for you? I clarify what a mastermind is.

Want to learn new skills or challenge yourself? Try my mastermind! You'll meet monthly with a group of like-minded people to work toward common and individual goals, share struggles and celebrate wins. This is the place to learn a new craft or improve upon an existing business skill through hands-on practice with other crafters and quilters. We will give you the space to work and the tools to help you succeed. You'll learn new skills and get feedback on your own creations while sharing with others in your group.

Each month we share how our goal went over the past month and set new goals for the upcoming month. This is a great way to network with other crafters and get the support and accountability you need. You'll gain confidence in your skills, learn new ones, and meet new people. You'll be part of a community that supports each other and helps you achieve your goals.

We meet the third Monday of each month from 5 pm Eastern time to 7 pm Eastern time. You'll be able to join the call over Zoom from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer, internet connection, and phone line. Also we support each other on Discord. 

Also you can join my Lazer focused Mastermind where a limited number of participants who are the same group each month . This mastermind is an exclusive group of like-minded people who want to invest in their own success. People will be able to ask any questions, get answers, and learn strategies and techniques that will help you succeed with your business. The focus of this group is laser-focused on Mastermind Members’ goals by leveraging the power of other people who are also working hard on their businesses.

This group is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but rather a place where you can build relationships and support that will help you make more money in your business. If this sounds like something that might be right for you, please sign up to my mastermind group here.

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