Packages! everyone knows I love packages.

Packages! everyone knows I love packages.

If you know me at all you will know I love packages and today i got two packages Im super excited to share. The first i bought back in February and have patiently waited for its release. 

Libs Elliot Phosphor 2 finally was delivered to my house and i cant wait to figure out what i'm going to make. I'm thinking a biscotti or something similar to the circus quilt with the stars.

The second was a few weeks ago I broke the needle holder of my Janome 9450 or (My buddy) so it went off to the spa (the shop) and i realised that I had to have a second machine so i bought a Janome 6700 just in case.

So you probably wont har from me until i come up for Air. But meanwhile please consider taking my Biscotti Process Quilt Top Course in the fall.

See you when I come up for air.

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    I couldn’t be more jealous!

    Todd DuBay

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