What Is the Biscotti Express Lecture? the brief version

What Is the Biscotti Express Lecture? the brief version

Express lecture 

When I first started quilting, I never thought I would teach. To be honest I thought teaching was over for me I just wanted to create. However I have noticed that this is a stream of revenue I have not tapped into and why shouldn't I? but could i taeach an express lecture version?

I have been asked about patterns for the Biscotti Quilt top may times and it's not really a quilt top that can be patterned, The biscotti is a process. It's a formula that when you define you variables you get an outcome.

I tested this course in London Ontario at my sisters shop it was a long jammed packed day but most got the work completed and the rest finished at home. 

I thought a lot about how I wanted the course to go moving forward and I decided that the next live class would start on Zoom and I could present  the theory and build community and have the first top done by the second class a week later. 

I'm s see do learner and really I wouldn' want to sit in 2, 3 hour classes online or off line. I just want the information in a short compact class and since this course is a process an idea, it's easier to teach in a lecture style.

I fully understand that people still need face to face time I will still offer this learning style to guilds and to Local Quilt Stores.  But I wanted to try this newer format where I can still build community in smaller classes of around 20 participants.

If you are interested in this short format class one and a half hours I give you tips and tricks. we discuss picking fabrics and perceived value in quilting as well as the whole Biscotti process from star to finish.

I have two classes:

Saturday, December 11 at 12:30 Eastern Time 

Wednesday January 19th at 5 Eastern Time

Check them out aI'd love to see you there.

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    Hi Brandon, I look forward to joining you tomorrow at the Biscotti lecture/class. I enjoyed your presentation at our guild.


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