My latest Biscotti: "Ring around the moon"

My latest Biscotti: "Ring around the moon"

I am just finishing up my latest quilt "Ring around the moon" I learned a lot from this quilt. I challenged myself to only use 1 inch strips and feel it really helped defuse the original quilt top.
This quilt top ended up having 40 fabrics all Kona solids. (sorry I don't have a list) I just go into the store and point: "I want from that section to that section a half meter. After piecing the quilt top I do the chop.
This quilt reminded me of a ring around the moon I had just captured one earlier that week so I had a good reference.  I wanted to enhance the Ice crystal feel after all that is the cause of the ring. Light reflecting off the moon is passing through a layer of floating ice crystals and it creates a ring. So I decided to use my edge 10 ruler from Silly moon quilting Co. To create a greek key pattern in each 3 inch block.
I soon realised that the greek keys were beautiful but I needed something to tie it all together. SO, I was surfing the web and I noticed some cross stitching quilting that Chawne Kimber was doing on a quilt and I adapted mine to only cover the seams between the greek keys. I loved it. I reminded me of basket weaving or old textiles. it just gave a wonderful warm feeling.
Now I'm just finishing off this quilt I'l be sure to post picks in it's new home.
Do you want to lean all my tips and tricks on how to make this quilt top? I offer a one hour and a half course over zoom. where I provide you with everything I consider when making a biscotti quilt top. You can sign up here!
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    Good morning Brandon. Very interesting final look… and looove all those hand stitches!… I definitely need to learn your technique and create my own Biscotti Quilt! I just signed up for your newsletter and look forward to your class this fall. See you in September! Claudette fron Ottawa ON


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